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About BNEscolar

BNEscolar is the proposal of the National Library of Spain, in collaboration with Red.es, to promote the presence and use of the library’s heritage in teaching and school learning.

The project involves the creation of a platform of services and resources that take advantage of technology, new digital and collaborative narratives and the needs of current school curricula, to bring the documentary heritage to the classroom and reflect on the importance of preserving the historical and cultural memory.

The proposal includes the creation of content that offers different thematic and methodological proposals to work in the classroom: didactic guides, activities, challenges, workshops, videos or mobile applications on various topics. Always using the collections of the BNE as sources and starting point, and as support for the development of competences and complement to the educational curricula, mainly of secondary school.

We want all these contents to be the starting point.
That teachers make the proposal their own, create new resources and share them.

The strategic framework: BNElab 

The project is integrated into the digital strategy that the National Library of Spain has been developing for some years together with Red.es, and which aims to promote the (re) use of its data and digital collections in different areas, from a collaborative perspective and citizen participation: technological development, education, research… but also gastronomy, tourism or video games.

In our BNElab you can find more information about the projects already underway or scheduled for the next years.

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