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Using the digital resources of the BNE, try to face the challenges posed in the following didactic sequences

They promote project-based learning and active and collaborative participation of students, with the aim of achieving real and meaningful learning from the student perspective

Get inspired with our didactic sequences

A trip back in time through advertising

Discover the hidden messages and the differences between the commercial advertisements of the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century available in the BDH, and those that circulate today, as well as the cultural patterns of each context, and the models and stereotypes they convey.

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The theater of the Golden Age

Based on the study of Calderón de la Barca's work La vida es sueño, you are invited to plan and develop a derivative digital work that accounts for reasoned personal judgments and allows a critical and personal point of view to be exposed, using the resources available in the BDH.

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Historical milestones in the press. The Tragic Week

Live a transmedia production experience with the events of the Tragic Week, from the role of journalists or the actors involved, approaching history very close to its protagonists, and helping the students to understand deeply the historical processes.

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Comic, cartoon or comics for children (and not so young)

We invite you to travel to the origins of 'tebeos' - as the cartoon is called in Spain - to discover this particular way of telling stories, exploring current comics and getting to know their predecessors, such as hallelujahs, which will help us identify the elements that characterize the comic

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Spanish industrialization

Through the study of three cases on industrialization and economic development, we propose you to carry out a research project on Spanish industrialization and its impact on economic, demographic, sociocultural and political transformations.

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The trip of Magallanes and Elcano

Relive the expedition that managed to complete the first circumvallation to the Earth of history, experiencing this mythical journey made by Magallanes and Elcano (1519-1522), and discovering all the details that happened in the trip by the hand of the Italian chronicler Antonio Pigafetta.

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Carpe diem: poetry in everyday life

Discover the meaning of the topic "carpe diem" through different poems, from emblematic works of Latin classics and the Golden Age, to contemporary poetic and artistic expressions, analyzing the linguistic and literary resources present in poetic discourse.

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Immigration and cultural diversity in Spain

Learn about the main current migration processes in Spain, and discover how the legacy of the Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Gypsy peoples has influenced local culture and customs, valuing cultural diversity and recognizing its mark and presence in our country.

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Great epidemics: contagion, prevention and hygiene

Investigate the different pandemics of smallpox, typhoid fever, plague and cholera that have plagued the world throughout history, including the 2009 influenza pandemic "A", deepening the understanding of its causes and modes of infection, as well as in actions to fight against them.

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Practical Philosophy: conceptions and problems

From the analysis of classical authors of the history of philosophy, and using the dialectical method, provides the optimal conditions for the staging of a debate among selected authors or to analyze a daily situation or a current ethical dilemma.

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