Work with the digital resources of BNEscolar we have selected in a practical way participating in these workshops.  

Use digital tools and learn new techniques through the video tutorials prepared for the workshops, facilitating a real and significant learning.

Participate in the workshops and learn some of the techniques we propose

Collage Workshop: Disasters of war, crossed realities

Collage workshop 'the disasters of war, crossed realities'

Think about the consequences that a war can cause, through the creation of a collage with real images available in the BDH photographic catalogs about the Spanish Civil War. What can we do to contribute to peace?

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Workshop 'Illuminating the Works of Hercules'

Learn to create your own illuminated manuscript about The Works of Hercules, following the process that starts with paper making, then practicing the calligraphy to use until the final layout of the manuscript.

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Workshop 'Connecting BDH resources'

Experience in a practical and manipulative way basic concepts about electricity, and create your own Connector game on contents that you can find in the BNE.

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