Through audiovisual narrative we present curricular contents based on resources available in the BDH. 

Each video is accompanied by a complete guide of methodological suggestions to work in the classroom, as well as the BNE resources used for its creation. 

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The Spanish War of Independence

A treaty that will sentence a whole country to death. An ambitious minister who will betray his countrymen. An unprecedented riot and a secret plan to replace the king are the key pieces of this war.

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The evolution of documentary supports

From the symbols on the walls of the caves to the use of the papyrus, following with the appearance of the parchment that led to the creation of codices, the journey continues through the illuminated manuscripts, with magnificent examples from the BDH.

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Evolution of transport

From the invention of the wheel or the steam engine, to the present day, mankind has been modifying the way of moving and transporting objects, saving time and effort, and allowing us to reach more and more distant places.

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The Spanish Flu

Tour through the different waves of this disease, through the narration of its effects, symptoms and preventive measures carried out by Spanish publications of the time, and that made it possible to make visible the worst pandemic of the 20th century.

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From The Earth to the Moon: journey through the Earth's atmosphere

Join us in this exciting journey through the different layers of the Earth's atmosphere, from the headquarters of the BNE in Madrid to reach outer space, discovering the most relevant phenomena that occur inside.

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Maps, the eyes of history

An exciting journey through the history of cartography: from the first Babylonian world map to the technology of Google Earth, through the efforts of the Greeks to explain the world, the highly religiously charged maps, the representation of America and contemporary cartography.

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