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The proposal of Biblioteca Nacional de España, in collaboration with, to promote the presence and use of digital cultural heritage in teaching and school learning.

  A platform for digital content and services developed from the digital documentary fund of the BNE. A space for exchange, collaborative enrichment. An opportunity to reflect in the classroom on the importance of preserving historical and cultural memory. And create new alliances between heritage and education, between memory institutions and teaching centers.

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A trip back in time through advertising

Discover the hidden messages and the differences between the commercial advertisements of the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century available in the BDH, and those that circulate today, as well as the cultural patterns of each context, and the models and stereotypes they convey.

The trip of Magallanes and Elcano

Relive the expedition that managed to complete the first circumvallation to the Earth of history, experiencing this mythical journey made by Magallanes and Elcano (1519-1522), and discovering all the details that happened in the trip by the hand of the Italian chronicler Antonio Pigafetta.

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Escape Game: Pictures at an Exhibition

Test your ability to overcome the different challenges proposed in this game, and discover the secret code that will allow you to escape from the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg. Are you ready? 

Quiz game: BNEscolar App

Dare with this game of geolocated questions! Select the theme, the game space, and use your knowledge to see how many questions you are able to answer. Download the BNEscolar application, and start playing!

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The evolution of documentary materials

From the symbols on the walls of the caves to the use of the papyrus, following with the appearance of the parchment that led to the birth of the codex, the journey continues through the illuminated manuscripts, with magnificent examples from the Library collections.

Maps, the eyes of history

An exciting journey through the history of cartography: from the first Babylonian world map to the technology of Google Earth, through the efforts of the Greeks to explain the world, the highly religiously charged maps, the representation of America and contemporary cartography.

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Collage workshop ‘the disasters of war, crossed realities’

Think about the consequences that a war can cause, through the creation of a collage with real images available in the BDH photographic catalogs about the spanish civil war. What can we do to contribute to peace?

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Workshop ‘Illuminating the Works of Hercules’

Learn to create your own illuminated manuscript about The Works of Hercules, following the process that starts with paper making, then practicing the calligraphy to use until the final layout of the manuscript.

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Workshop ‘Connecting BDH resources’

Experience in a practical and manipulative way basic concepts about electricity, and create your own connector game on contents that you can find in the BNE “

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